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Novaë Nutrition - Yeast Superfood with B12+D2 (125g)

Novaë Nutrition - Yeast Superfood with B12+D2 (125g)

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Yellow B12+D2 Nutritional is a Superfood specially designed to provide vitamin D2.

Yellow B12+D2 Nutritional is suitable for Nordic people seeking a healthy diet.

Yellow B12+D2 Nutritional contains several essential nutrients and bioactive molecules, some of whom:

– Improves absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus

– helps maintain strong bones and teeth

– promotes normal growth and development

– plays a role in energy metabolism

Contains all B vitamins including B12 with vitamin D2. Help development and maintenance of bones and teeth and calcium and phosphorus absorption.

In addition to supporting normal growth and development, Yellow B12+D2 Nutritional helps prevent deficiency vitamin B12 in addition to participating in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolisms.

People who wish to adopt a healthy diet or a good nutritional balance. For vegetarians or vegans.

Yellow B12+D2 Nutritional can be used with sauces, salads or juices and may be added to muesli and yogurt.