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Aura- Hemp Seed Oil (118 ml)

Aura- Hemp Seed Oil (118 ml)

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  • Pure Botanical Ingredients
  • Organic
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    Hemp seed (Cannabis sativa) oil is a wonderful skin care oil with universal appeal. It has grown in popularity in recent years as more folks are associating hemp with many positive health and wellness situations. One of the most nutritionally balanced sources of fat, hemp seed oil is a powerful single-ingredient skin care oil.
    Aura Cacia Hemp Seed Oil is cold pressed from the seeds of organic hemp plants.


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      • Absorbent - Hemp absorbs easily into the skin and has companionability to all skin types, making it an oil most users can benefit from. When used with regularity, it can help the skin appear more supple.
      • Face friendly – Hemp seed oil is low on the comedogenic scale and can be used in facial applications to encourage a healthy glow.
      • Protective – Has one of the highest levels of fatty acids found in an oil today. Contains omega-6 linolenic acid, omega-3, gamma-linolenic acid, and stearidonic acid.
      • Revitalizing – Lightweight and absorbs easily. An ideal carrier for massage and targeted muscle care applications.
      • Earthy – Light green in color from high levels of chlorophyll. Has a nutty, grassy aroma.
      • Versatile – Appropriate for any of your body care needs.
      • directions

        There are so many ways to use skin care oils. The above suggested uses are just an introduction to a wide variety of quick tips and recipes available on 
      • suggested uses

        Quick Tip Massage into skin after shaving for added moisture.


        Recipe Moisturizing Hand Salve
        Description A deep and penetrating hand salve maximizing the moisturizing effects of shea nut and hemp seed oils.
        2 drops Aura Cacia Cardamom Essential Oil
        3 drops Aura Cacia Fresh Ginger Essential Oil
        10 drops Aura Cacia Organic Blood Orange Essential OIl
        1 tablespoon Aura Cacia Hemp Seed Oil
        1 tablespoon Aura Cacia Shea Nut Oil
        2 tablespoons Aura Cacia Shea Butter
        4-oz. Aura Cacia Wide Mouth Jar with Writable Label
        Melt butter and oil in double boiler. Add essential oils when cool, then pour into wide mouth container. Allow to cool and harden completely before use.