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GLUCOguard+ (60 VCaps)

GLUCOguard+ (60 VCaps)

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Helps To Manage Diabetes Type I, Type II, and Pre-Diabetic States

  • Prevents many complications of diabetes including: insulin resistance, neuropathy, angiopathy, nephropathy, and liver disorders (fatty liver disease).
  • Helpstoalleviateoxidativestressassociatedwithdiabeteswhileneutralizing non-enzymatic, enzymatic and mitochondrial sources of free radicals.
  • May help to reduce weight in obese patients.

Contains five ingredients with synergistic mechanisms of action, which
ensure the effectivity of the product.

  • A powerful and one-of-a-kind antioxidant
  • Resists aging process in your body
  • Decreases oxidative processes
  • Facilitates the balancing of glucose levels in your blood
  • Actively stimulates the decrease of many negative aftermaths of high physical stresses. It accelerates the recovery process and, at the same time, has no evident anabolic effect
  • Decreases the possibility of insulin-resistance, neuritis, and subsequent kidney diseases and efficiently helps control blood sugar levels
  • Efficiently helps control sugar level in your blood