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Nutiva-  Flax & Chia Maple Vanilla (340 g)

Nutiva- Flax & Chia Maple Vanilla (340 g)

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Organic Superseed Blend

Our Organic Superseed Blend contains three powerhouse super seeds - flax, chia, and hemp - that we've sweetened with a touch of coconut for a delicious, slightly sweet flavor. Now you can enjoy the benefits of Omega -3s, fiber, protein, and lauric acid in one convenient package.

Non-GMOUSDA Organic

Three simple seeds, many super benefits

Our hemp seeds comes from certified organic and non-GMO hemp. Our coconut sugar come from the richest soils from Southeast Asia and is made from fresh coconut tree sap, collected from the cut flower buds. For our ground chia, we grind fresh, whole chia seeds to make them more convenient to use in baking, smoothies, oatleam and other recipes. Organic Superseed Blend contains 2000mg Omega-3 from Alpha Linolenic Acide (ALA) and 3000 mg of fiber per serving.

Ingredients: Organic flaxseed, organic chia, organic dried coconut, organic coconut sugar, organic hempseed

Storage: Refrigerate and tightly reseal after opening to maintain maximum freshness. Prior to opening, store out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place.