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GH - Fermented Org. Gut Superfoods+ (Unflavoured/Unsweetened) 229g

GH - Fermented Org. Gut Superfoods+ (Unflavoured/Unsweetened) 229g

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Made with 22 fully-fermented plant-based organic superfoods and prebiotics, fermented organic gut superfoods+ nourishes a healthy gut ecology for total body health.

A new and unique innovation in gut health. fermented organic gut superfoods+ is the ONLY prebiotic superfood that packs a 1-2-3 punch.

Made from 21 organic plant-based superfoods

Plus an easy-to-tolerate source of prebiotic fibre

Fully-fermented to amplify plant nutrients and improve digestion



The perfect partner for your probiotic

The health of the gut is crucial to our overall health – to nourish your gut and body completely, a probiotic alone often isn’t enough.

The International Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics recommends a minimum daily intake of 5 grams of prebiotics. Prebiotics help to improve gut health by encouraging the growth of gut bacteria, improving digestion and enhancing mineral absorption. It is food for your gut microbes!

The problem with prebiotics

But many prebiotics on the market today have their downsides: many feed both the “good” and the “bad” gut bacteria, can cause uncomfortable gas and bloating, and most don’t offer nutritive benefits.


fermented organic gut superfoods+ was formulated using the latest research available on a class of phytonutrients called polyphenols and gut health. Polyphenols are known to contribute to overall health and slow the aging process – and research has recently found that polyphenols provide exceptional benefits to the gut and its ecology – feeding the gut with no gas or bloating!