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Salus  Magnesium Liquid (500mL)

Salus Magnesium Liquid (500mL)

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  • Salus Calcium Magnesium is a factor in maintaining good health and supports the calcium and magnesium needs of men, women and children
  • Calcium gluconate and calcium lactate are highly soluble organic compounds of calcium suitable for use in liquid solutions and are rapidly absorbed throughout the digestive tract
  • Calcium gluconate and lactate are able to utilize both types of absorption sites in the small intestine - active transport sites located at the beginning of the small intestine and passive diffusion sites located in the more alkaline environment at the end of the small intestine
  • A higher magnesium to calcium ratio helps lessen the risk of calcification problems
  • Easy-to-swallow liquid format - No need to swallow pills!
  • Safe low dose for daily, long-term use