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Prairie- MultiForce Vegan (60VCaps)

Prairie- MultiForce Vegan (60VCaps)

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  • Nutritional insurance for real life!
  • Recommended for men & women on a vegan diet
  • Made with 100% animal-free ingredients
  • Prevents anaemia (extra iron)
  • Contains additional calcium
  • Promotes higher energy
  • Supports immune health
  • Active B Vitamins
  • Reduces stress

Nutritional Insurance for Real Life with Multi-Force Vegan!

Multi-Force™ Daily Vegan ensures the daily optimal nutritional needs of those on a vegan diet are fulfilled without the use of animal-source ingredients or by-products. Synergistically formulated to deliver a broad spectrum of more than 35 bioavailable vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants within a natural matrix of three powerful green superfoods – organic green tea, chlorella and spirulina. Researched and designed by a team of Canadian nutritional health experts. Formulated to provide extra iron and calcium and high levels of Vitamin B12. Improves energy, combats stress, supports healthy aging and promotes immune health.