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Lily - Aloe Vera Gelly 99% (12Oz)

Lily - Aloe Vera Gelly 99% (12Oz)

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Replenish moisture and hydrate your skin. Aloe vera has been known as nature’s moisturizer for thousands of years, and Lily of the Desert’s 99% Aloe Vera Gelly instantly cools the skin while hydrating at least 3 epidermal layers. There are 3 sizes to choose from:

12 oz. – Wonderful for the family.

Suggested Use: Apply to skin. Repeat as necessary.

Health Benefits

  • Cools skin after prolonged sun exposure
  • Promotes an attractive and healthy appearance
  • Reduces the appearance of damaged skin
  • Soothes tender skin
  • Hydrates at least 3 epidermal layers
  • Specially formulated to naturally replenish the skin