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Divine- Black Cumin Oil (100mL)

Divine- Black Cumin Oil (100mL)

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  • BOTANICAL NAMENigella sativa
  • ORIGINIsrael
  • CULTUREOrganic
  • OTHER NAMEBlack cumin
  • EXTRACTION METHODCold expression
  • ODOURSpicy, strong, very characteristic
  • COLOURBrown orange

Black cumin beauty oil is balancing and antioxidant. It nourishes and softens the skin with its healing properties and is best for oily, irritated complexions. Astringent and purifying, the Black cumin oil reduces the appearance of imperfections, balances and softens skin, and helps minimize wrinkles and signs of aging.


Rebalances sebum and helps purify the skin. Recognized for the antioxidant effects of its active constituents. For blemish and acne prone skin.

For all skin types. Apply to the skin and Hair.

Nigella, also known as black cumin, is an aromatic plant that has been grown in many countries for centuries. The blue-flowering plant produces tiny, aromatic black seeds often used in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine. The oil is extracted from these seeds. Black cumin beauty oil is very aromatic.

For external use only.