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Botanica- Reishi Hot Chocolate (106g)

Botanica- Reishi Hot Chocolate (106g)

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Upgrade your afternoon or evening ritual with Botanica’s Reishi Hot Chocolate, a modern take on a traditional favourite to support a healthy stress response and relaxation. Made from a whole food blend of cocoa, dates, reishi, chocolate, and coconut.

  • 15 servings
  • 1500mg Reishi per serving


Traditionally known as Ling Zhi, Reishi Mushroom has been called “the Mushroom of Immortality” for its potent effects in modulating the immune system and as an overall tonic. This safe mushroom has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.


We use the whole mushroom – mycelium and fruiting body – to capture all the benefits of this amazing plant. Sourced from the Pacific Northwest of the USA and grown in a protected environment, our Reishi mushrooms are organically grown and tested for herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals to ensure its purity.



Organic Cocoa (Alkalized), Organic Dates, Organic Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum), Organic Chocolate Flavour, Organic Coconut, Organic Vanilla Flavour, Sea Salt.



Whisk one and a half teaspoons (7g) into one cup (250mL) warm water, coconut or almond milk. A relaxing way to press pause.


What is the equivalent amount of a Reishi supplement in Botanica Reishi Hot Chocolate?
Botanica Reishi Hot Chocolate is a whole food drink mix with a significant portion of the formula made of organic reishi mushroom. Converted to supplement measurement there is 1500mg per serving.